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We are located in southwest Ohio!  Meet Lara at your favorite coffee shop, over the phone, or virtually.

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Our hours are dependent on projects & change on a weekly basis but you can find a convenient time to connect with Lara on her calendar. 

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What’s the difference between a wedding planner/designer & a venue coordinator?

A venue coordinator is responsible for ensuring they provide you the best customer service on your wedding day based on the rental agreement between you & the venue.
Things like making sure the venue is clean, appropriate heating/cooling, accessible restrooms/suites for getting ready. Venues will not help you create the vision of your wedding or select design components. At venue meetings, they will be asking you for all the information. 

Do you travel for weddings?

This is where I hold up my sign:
"Will travel for love", 💃🏻 
I am happy to travel for your wedding if we both find that I am the best fit for your planning & design needs! We would definitely discuss this upon booking to set expectations. 

Do you plan other events, such as rehearsal dinners, welcome parties, etc.

I sure do! One of the biggest perks of working with me is I only take on one wedding per weekend, making me available to help you with additional wedding events like rehearsal dinners & welcome parties. I love connecting with your families prior to the wedding day, I'm practically family by then! 

Do you offer wedding day ("day-of") coordination?

Our Wedding Management Experience is exactly this: "day of coordination" & then some. Here's the thing, that term "day of" is a red flag & is very misleading in the sense that, if a person calling themself a coordinator charges only a few hundred dollars (red flag) & will just show up on your wedding day (red flag), you can expect things to go wrong. Do yourselves a huge favor: protect the largest investment you're making as an engaged couple & hire a pro to take care of the details for you so you can enjoy your beautiful wedding day as stress-free as possible!

If you have more questions, don't be shy,
send me an email or slide into my DMs.
I'm always happy to help & will never put pressure on you.

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