I got started in event planning back in 2011, in Detroit, as the Director of an Armenian dance ensemble. Between choreography & instructing almost 200 dancers, I planned & managed the annual performances, festivals, & group building retreats too! Over the years at my corporate jobs, I was always the designated HR pro that knew how to plan one heck of a party... & here we are. 
Now, I have the delight of helping busy couples plan their dream weddings with their own unique spin. Can't wait to meet you!

... && the good news is, my approach to event planning is totally performance arts based. 

Within five minutes of meeting me, you'll know this: 
* I love my Jesus & I'm Armenian
* I relate almost everything in life to FRIENDS, The Office, or Schitt's Creek
* I enjoy a delicious glass of Chianti every now & then
* My passion in life is bringing people together & making memories

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As a planner, I love seeing everything come together on your wedding day. After spending anywhere from three to eighteen months with you, it's such an honor & joy to see the excitement on your faces with what we've created together. It all starts with your vision & it's okay if you don't know how to define it; that's what I'm here to help you do! Check out the experiences I offer & let's hop on the phone to help you select the best one for you!

"Your wedding day is the one day everyone you love will be in the same room... it's honestly amazing to see it. do yourself the biggest favor & let me do the work for you. no need to figure things out, I've done this time & time again. I'll be there for youuu."

xoxo, Lara

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My favorite season...


I just wish it would last longer than a week most years, AM I RIGHT?! I love the crisp air, apple cider & donuts, & getting cozy with sweaters, blankets, & bonfires. Yes, I'm that basic && I love it. I'm also a sucker for a good tan in the summer, so this question is basically impossible. 

My coffee order...

whipped espresso with cinnamon nut milk

I'll bet you never thought to order your espresso whipped... you're going to fall in looove. That's my feeling good, not in a rush, cozy coffee order. I also love a delicious light ice, iced coffee with SF vanilla & nut milk too! Or if I'm feeling festive... uno affogato per favore!

How I Describe my style...


I'm Armenian & spent most of my young summers by the Mediterranean... I love rich colors, bright & moody tones, citrus & olive accents, & classic touches. You'll find me wearing neutrals more often than not: black, white, camel colors... but my personality is way more vivacious than my wardrobe. 

I am currently bingeing...

wait for it....

The Walking Dead, LOL. Yes... I'll bet you weren't expecting that! My husband has been trying to get me to watch this for five years... I told him I'd watch three episodes & if I didn't like it to leave me be. Well, I got hooked & we're halfway through season 11. Just be grateful I didn't share a photo of the walkers!! If you watch it, tell me who your favorite character is!! 


Lara is an absolute MUST when it comes to planning your dream wedding. From the first time we talked, I was impressed by her wonderful personality and the way she just got what I was trying to say I wanted. Everything was smoothly planned and she quickly answered my calls/texts/emails. The day of the wedding, I had no worries or stress and when I finally saw everything come together I was speechless. Lara got every last detail (and some things I didn't even think of!). I cannot recommend her enough.

"Lara is a planning goddess!"



I am one of “those” Halloween brides, but you would have never known that my dream or wants or needs were different when it came to talking with Lara. I am beyond happy with my choice to hire her for my day of coordination. I love everything weddings and I THOUGHT I could manage everything. I was so wrong. Lara ensured that my day of went flawlessly, and beautifully. I could not have gotten through the day without her, my day would not have looked the way it did without her, and I would have not enjoyed my day without her. I cannot stress enough that you should hire a wedding planner, and you DEFINITELY should hire Lara!



Justin B.

Lara was fantastic! She was very involved in the planning, but never tried to take over. She was very enthusiastic about doing whatever we needed to do it our way and make it our own special day. She greatly exceeded our expectations, and was super kind and personable.

"Perfect Balance"


breanne k.

We worked with Lara the month of our wedding and loved having her with us! I'm honestly not sure what we would've done without her. She ran our rehearsal perfectly. Some of the wedding party members have been in other weddings previously but I'm positive they learned more from her than any other wedding they've been in. The day-of is crazy enough and if it weren't for her running around between the bridal suite, the crazy boys, the vendors, the church, the reception venue, etc. then the day wouldn't have come together like it did. Also, might I add, her communication with our photographer and videographer in order to have them where they needed to be at certain times was impeccable. We're so very grateful for her dedication, professionalism, and the general positive energy she brought along every step of the way. Again...couldn't have done it without her!

"Clear Communication"


nicole f. 

I recommend Lara to everyone! I knew I needed some help after it became clear that COVID was sticking around and also planning a wedding a hour away. From my first phone call with Lara, I was at ease trusting my wedding vision with her. Our phone call meetings were on point and extremely helpful. Planning a wedding during a pandemic comes with quick changes, and Lara provided useful advice and solutions. She helped us adapt to any changes that came our way. She walked our bridal party throughout every step from the rehearsal right up to the end of the evening. We had 3 large areas to decorate and she helped us put all of our ideas (even the crazy ones) together & everything turned out so beautiful and stress free the whole way. I cannot express how nice it was to have someone else holding the master plan, making sure that decorations, food, and people were where they were supposed to be. We are forever grateful we said,
"YES" to LS Event Styling, LLC!

"Trust & Finesse"


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One of the best benefits of working with a wedding planner is the immediate weight that is lifted off your shoulders as the couple. The worry & stress is alleviated because we've been there a time or two (ok, way more than that!). We know what needs to get done & how to do it. We can't wait to start planning with you!

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